April 2016

This fast was very easy to follow. The 2 shakes and 2 small meals each day were delicious and nutritious. Detox symptoms weren't always comfortable but Dr. Essl was always encouraging and helped manage them. The small group was a great collective support. I liked that the cleanse was made with real organic food. I learned a lot about portions and how to incorporate many more organic vegetables into my everyday. I was never hungry. My cravings for carbs and sugar disappeared and as the days progressed my energy got better and better. My sleep was much better and longer, my mind got clearer, and  I dropped 5 pounds. I plan to do this cleanse as a yearly ritual.
A.I., Artist, Fairfax



April 2016

I felt very taken care of on this cleanse. The process was simple allowing my mind to rest from decision-making, and the products felt nurturing and satiating. It was remarkable how quickly the body responded; I noticed changes in skin tone and texture within days. The group support and an opportunity to learn from others was a lovely adjunct.
B.G., Writer, Novato










Why A Cleanse?

Our immune system becomes weaker as our detox systems become overloaded when stress levels and environmental pollutants increase. Emotional states tend to become more volatile (unhappy), sleep is interrupted, and body weight increases.

The Cleanse Project includes:
* 21-days purification program (including whole food supplements/shakes, and recommendations for organic non-GMO foods)
* optional daily e-mail support by a professional team (including recipes)
* weekly group meetings on Wednesdays 7-8:30 p.m. in my Mill Valley office (including group EFT/Tapping for food cravings and emotional clearing)

Not so trivial:
When is the easiest time to lose your weight and detox?
Answer: The two weeks after a full moon.


Registration for the 21-day program is ongoing:

Program Fee: $450.00
includes the 21-days Purification Cleanse Kit, optional digital program support, four in-office group meetings

Introductory Talk

Wednesday June 15, 2016 for program start after June 20
Wednesday July 13, 2016 for progam start after July 19

For additional information, send an email to office@essl.pro or call 415-380-0630.