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Systemic Family Constellation Therapy 

Re-Weaving the Family Myth
A Family Constellation Experience

All members of a family system are deeply connected over many generations. This bond springs from a love that provides strength and a sense of belonging. The bond connects us to a family conscience that wants us to recognize all members of our family, including those who have been outcast, dishonored, or forgotten.
Through a subconsious process, atonement for ancestral misfortunes can take place in one’s life. Ancestral suffering can emerge also in your life and manifests itself in ways like illness and destructive relationship patterns. For introductory writings about this work, click at this reading list, or you can also listen here to an interview by Debbie Josendale, publisher of the Bay Area Women's Journal, on the topic Systemic Family Constellations: Healing Ourselves by Healing Our Past, broadcasted on February 22, 2011.

In your family system, did anyone:
• Die during childbirth or have a stillborn child?
• Have an abortion or miscarriage?
• Have an illegitimate child?
• Abandon a child or give it up for adoption?
• Experience early separation from his or her mother?
• Experience parental– or sibling death at a young age?
• Experience abuse?
• Suffer from addiction or eating disorder?
• Have a physical or mental impairment?
• Attempt or commit suicide?
• Commit a crime or war crime?
• Survive or die in the Holocaust or other genocide?
• Suffer from significant loss of wealth or an unjust inheritance?
• Emigrate to another country?

Who will benefit from this work?
If you can relate to 3-4 situations listed above and you also struggle with conditions as described below, you might want to consider a constellation.

• Chronic conditions that are not responding to indicated allopathic
or alternative approaches
• Addictions & eating disorders
• Depression & anxiety disorders
• Chronic illness in children
• Problems with adopted children
• Stalled divorce processes that affect your health
• Terminal illness or difficulties with the dying process due to unresolved family issues

Who has benefitted from this work?
Read some testimonials from participants of constellation workshops

If you are not sure whether an issue of concern can be addressed in Systemic Family Constellation Therapy, please call or send an .

Before signing-up for a constellation, I recommend to sign-up for one day as “representative” and get a first-hand exposure to the dynamics that unfold in ancestral lineage interactivity. Come with a friend or by yourself -- we work in a small-group setting of approximately twelve participants. This experience will make you aware of additional avenues to solve issues in your personal life, and you may want to consider exploring such solutions in a personal constellation at a later workshop. In an earlier issue of Spirituality & Health, Lousie Danielle Palmer has written a helpful summary of her experience with family constellation work (view online, save or print as pdf file). See also this article by Myra Nissen.

Upcoming General Workshops in Mill Valley
(click at the date for availability of open spaces)

Currently no workshops are offered in 2020

9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on both days, Saturday and Sunday.

Fees for General Workshop
Small group setting with two-day participation for constellators.
Constellator $400.00 + $50.00 telephone appointment (includes personal constellation),
Representative $100.00 (one-day participation).

Continuing Education Credits for MFT and LCSW and NURSES
Constellators sign-up for 14 CE credits
Representatives sign-up for 1 or 2 days, with 7 CE credits each day
For CE credits, add $ 30.00 processing fee.

The office is located in a fully accessible medical building.
I will gladly work with you to accommodate any special needs.

These workshops meet the qualifications of CE credits
**for MFT and LCSW, as required by the Board of Behavioral Sciences; provider number PCE3944**
**for NURSES, as required by the Board of Registered Nursing, provider number CEP15183**

Special Events

Please inquire about Workshops for Healthcare Professionals.
A workshop may be considered for 2018.

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