About my Practice

I am an Austrian physician, with post-graduate training leading to an MA in Counseling Psychology, a Doctor of Chiropractic, and expertise in Classical Homeopathy. These postgraduate trainings have expanded my clinical methodologies; they provide me with a deeper understanding of the human psyche and the nervous system, and their effect on illness and wellness. I use non-invasive, multi-layered healing approaches to address a patient's needs.

My dedication is to support the patient's innate healing wisdom and to help balancing the body’s physiology. In my experience, treatments that honor a person’s multi-layered complexity create a self-governing path that restores one's health and facilitates individuation.

For patients with chronic conditions I do require a recent medical check-up and copies of all relevant lab work. Please call or send an email to inquire about scheduling an appointment.

1. Classical Homeopathy is my main treatment modality

It has been a companion for more than 20 years, for clinical work and to maintain my own health. The transformative power of a well-matched homeopathic remedy can be astonishing. It effects a person's psychological, spiritual, and emotional realms, corrects stress related conditions (like anxiety, sleep issues, and digestive problems), acute conditions (like flu, colds), and deep-seated chronic disturbances of the body's physiology. You find a brief video on my homeopathy page that explains the principles of homeopathy.

2. The Biochemical Restoration Program

We live in toxic environments that overload a body's detoxification abilities: toxic body burden in connective tissue and organ systems does interfere with a person's ability to recover. Compounded by life challenges, microbial invasion as well as nutritional deficiencies due to poor diet, malabsorption and stress, the body's adaption systems can be severely challenged. I design individullay tuned supplement programs and utilize a variety of biological products for drainage, detoxification, and re-nourishing energy production. This approach can be very effective also for patients after chemotherapy.

3. Hands-on Trauma Release Work

In cases where unresolved trauma influences a patient's recovery, I expand treatment by utilizing a hands-on method that releases traumatic memories and aids the restoration of a patient's nervous-system adaptability.

4. Systemic Family Constellation Work

An effective therapy method that recognizes and corrects the impact of multigenerational trauma and its contributing factor for chronic illness, emotional, vocational, or relationship disturbances. In 2017 I will not offer constellation workshops.

5. Metabolic Balance®

A weight management program European style, sophisticated and tuned with nature. Experience a sound way of losing weight and balancing hormones—with Wholesome Food that nourishes you and complements your individual body chemistry.

6. LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System)

Certified LENS practitioner.